Sexual Consent and Communication PLUS Sex & Gender 101


Discussing Sexual Consent can be difficult for both clinicians and clients alike.


What is Sexual Consent? How do you talk about it? What can you actually consent to? And when do things cross the line from fun to a felony?


This course provides an introduction to sexual consent, focusing on what you need to know when working with clients in clinical practice. Topics addressed include:

  • Sexual communication.
  • The #MeToo movement.
  • The legality of consent in Canada.
  • Consent frameworks.
  • Drug and alcohol implications for sexual consent.
  • Intro to BDSM and consent.
  • Ideas for exploring consent with clients.
  • And the clinical considerations associated with sexual consent.

Explore and critically examine your own biases, assumptions, and personal reactions to communicating consent. Also, reflect on how you could clinically address issues with clients on both sides of consent violations; those who are negatively affected and those not aware of the boundaries they are crossing.


In this training, we have broken down consent into three main areas to explore:


1) Defining and Communicating Sexual Consent


Explore the definition of sexual consent, how this may show up for you in session, and learn tips and suggestions for working with consent in session with clients.


2) Consent and BDSM (Sample from our “BDSM: Working with Kinky Clients” Course)


Discover different consent frameworks predominant in the BDSM community to help members navigate the riskier aspects of sexual expression. Explore how consent conversations can differ when working with this population, and delve into essential vocabulary and terminology for consent conversations for clients – kinky or otherwise.


3) Legality and Consent


Explore the intersection of consent and the law in Canada.  We cover the legal age of protection and what this means when working with youth, obligations for reporting, considerations for sexting, and when individuals can and cannot legally give consent.


In our resource section, find handouts to support you and your clients, as well as additional links to external resources,

groups, and organizations doing great work in this area for further training. 



When you register for “Sexual Consent and Communication,” you also get 6 months FREE ACCESS to our “Sex and

Gender 101″ mini course ($97 value). 


This course is an introduction to sex and gender for mental health and wellness professionals that covers essential and foundational terminology and concepts to help you understand, and begin conversations around, sex and gender with clients. As with most topics related to human bodies and sexuality, in-depth conversations around sex and gender are often missing from most clinical training programs. This means unless therapists have lived experience beyond typical sex and gender “norms”, clients become their teachers.

We want to help change that.

It is essential that helping professionals do their own work when it comes to understanding sex and gender. In a world focused on a gender-binary of male or female, and assumes cis-gender as the default (you only identify with the gender you were assigned at birth), unless intentional effort is made to unpack bias and stigma, harm can easily be caused to clients.

That’s where “Sex and Gender 101” comes in. Enjoy this course as a bonus when you purchase “Sexual Consent and Communication” 
This mini-course, “Sex and Gender 101”, is pre-approved for 2 CEC’s (Continuing Education Credits) with the CCPA (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association)

 You will have access to training materials for six (6) months from your registration date.

Sexual Consent and Communication has been pre-approved for two (2) CECs

Sex and Gender 101 has also been pre-approved for two (2) CEC’s with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).

You will therefore receive 4 CEC’s when you complete this training module.


Terms and Conditions for Sexual Consent and Communication Module

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this course take to do?

Participants report this program typically takes approximately two (2) hours to complete. However, it may take you longer depending on a few factors such as:


  • How fast you read
  • How many notes you like to take
  • How much time you take reviewing resources
  • How much time you take to explore the personal reflection questions
  • And pre-existing knowledge of the subject matter
How many Continuing Education Credit (CECs) is this course eligible for and with what associations?

This course is pre-approved for two (2) continuing education credits (CECs) with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).  We anticipate this course would be eligible to receive CECs from other associations but cannot guarantee this.  Please check with your specific accrediting organizations to determine CEC eligibility prior to taking this program if CECs are a determining factor for your registration. 

Will I be able to call myself a "Sex Therapist" if I complete this course?

No. Being a “Sex Therapist” means you have done in-depth clinical training and research in the field of sex therapy, and have received clinical supervision from someone qualified in this area.

Sexual Consent and Communication will help you feel more confident and informed when addressing issues of sexual consent with clients. However, we always recommend supervision and consultation to determine the best course of action if ever in doubt. 

Will I get a certificate at the end?

Yes. Upon successful completion of a quiz (a score of 80% or higher) to show completion and comprehension, you will get a digital certificate of achievement for your records.

How long do I have access to the program?

You will have access to the program and resources for six (6) months from the day you register.

How much does the "Sexual Consent and Communication" course cost?

This program costs $47 CAD. 

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