Sexual Consent and Communication

Free Training Module

Discussing Sexual Consent can be difficult for both clinicians and clients alike.


  • What is it?

  • How do you talk about it?

  • What can you actually consent to?

  • And when do things cross the line from fun to felony?

In this free training we have broken down consent into three main areas to explore:


1) Defining and Communicating Sexual Consent


In this section we cover the definition of sexual consent, how this may show up for you in session, and we share tips and suggestions for working with consent in session with clients.


2) Consent and BDSM (Sample from our upcoming “BDSM: Working with Kinky Clients” Course)


In this section we outline different consent frameworks predominant in the BDSM community to help members navigate the riskier aspects of sexual expression. We explore how consent conversations can differ when working with this population, and delve into important vocabulary and terminology found within consent conversations for Kinky Clients.


3) Legality and Consent


This section explores the intersection of consent and the law.  We cover the legal age of protection and what this means when working with youth, obligations for reporting, along with considerations for sexting, and when individuals can and cannot legally give consent.


Bonus: In our resource section we provide handouts to support clinicians and clients, as well as supplemental links to external resources, groups and organizations doing great work in this area for further training.


You will have access to training materials for six (6) months from your registration date. This module has been pre-approved for two (2) CEC’s with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)


Terms and Conditions for Sexual Consent and Communication Module

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