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Sexual Consent and Communication (Free Module)

In this free training we have broken down consent into three main areas to explore: 

  1. Defining and Communicating Sexual Consent,
  2. Consent and BDSM (sample from our upcoming “BDSM: Working with Kinky Clients” Course), and
  3. Legality and Consent.

Plus a resource section outlining additional public programs, worksheets and video resources to support your learning and/or share with clients.

This training has been pre-approved for two (2) CEC’s from the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association.

BDSM: Working with Kinky Clients


~ Available Now ~


Designed for psychotherapists, clinical counsellors, and mental health or health care professionals looking to expand their existing skills and awareness for working with members of the BDSM community. 


In this training we explore BDSM through the lens of five main areas: 

  1. What even is BDSM?
  2. Barriers to Care and Clinical Conceptualization
  3. BDSM and Consent Frameworks
  4. Additional Handouts, Worksheets and Resources for you and your clients
  5. Expert Interviews with BDSM Educators and Community members


Want to find out more? Click the link below.

This training has been pre-approved for six (6) CEC’s from the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association.


Upcoming Programs

  • Painful Sex: Working with Genito-Pelvic Pain & Penetration Disorder (GPPD) ~ coming soon ~ 

  • Ethical Non-Monogamy: Working with Complex Relationship Structures

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

  • Orgasm Disorders (Premature Ejaculation / Delayed Ejaculation / Female Orgasm Disorder)

  • Sexual Interest / Arousal Disorders

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