Penis Problems: Working with Erectile Dysfunction, Pre-Mature Ejaculation & Delayed Ejaculation

This online course is for psychotherapists, clinical counsellors, and mental health or healthcare professionals looking to expand their existing skills and awareness for working with clients experiencing penis problems.



The course encourages you to critically examine your own personal beliefs, biases, stories, and reactions to penis problems and existing treatments, and consider how these show up in your office as you relate to clients.


Our goal is to help you become a ED/PE/DE-informed practitioner by helping you expand your knowledge around working with Erectile Dysfunction, Pre-Mature Ejaculation, and Delayed Ejaculation: 

  • Introducing you to many tangible issues and fundamental concerns including relationship issues with ED/PE/DE clients
  • Helping you increase your confidence, competence, and tools for working with clients who suffer from issues related to thier penises
  • Introducing you to screening, assessment, and types of referrals
  • Providing ways to identify your own biases and stigma that may impact your work with clients
  • Giving you practical resources to implement in your practice immediately and share with clients

This training has been submitted for CEC’s from the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association. Hours TBD.



Whether it is a difficulty in getting or keeping an erection, achieving orgasm too quickly (i.e., premature ejaculation), too late (i.e., delayed ejaculation), or not at all (i.e., Anorgasmia), ED and ejaculatory issues can significantly impact individuals and relationships. If not addressed, these concerns can lead to sexual dissatisfaction, relationship challenges, heightened performance anxiety, infertility, lowered sexual interest, and even increased rates of depression. 

Considering approximately 52% of men experience ED at some point in their lives (Lakin & Wood, 2018), and the DSM-5 reports that 25% of men report struggling with ejaculating during sex, this is an issue for clients in your practice even if you don’t specialize in sex and relationship. 

ED and ejaculatory dysfunctions are often under-treated and misunderstood, leaving clients turning to online “cures” or tricks to fix their orgasm issues. Also, many mental health clinicians feel unequipped to help those with ejaculation issues and other sexual dysfunctions. If this feels like you, you’re in the right place! 

In these courses we have compiled the latest research and best practices for addressing erectile dysfunction and two prominent forms of ejaculation problems: premature and delayed ejaculation. For each, we will explore the definitions, prevalence rates, common causes, clinical considerations (i.e., assessment and treatments), and case studies to help conceptualize this newfound knowledge and equip you to better support your clients. 

Topics covered include:

    • Different types of ED/PE/DE and how the symptoms present
    • Understanding the prevalence, significance, and impact of ED/PE/DE for clients

    • An overview of common causes of ED/PE/DE  (biomedical, psychological, and relationship factors)
    • Clinical considerations for working with clients suffering from concerns related to ED/PE/DE
    • How to do basic screening and assessment for ED/PE/DE so clients can get the proper treatment
    • An overview of best medical treatment practices
    • An overview of best psychotherapy treatments
    • Barriers to accessing mental and physical healthcare for clients
    • Case studies and personal stories
    • Suggested readings, worksheets, resources
    • Plus much more…


We also have in-depth interviews from experts in the field, such as Human Sexuality Researchers, Urologists, Clinical Counsellors specializing in Sex Therapy, as well as those who have suffered from ED/PE/DE themselves, to help you navigate the broad range of impacts that ED/PE/DE can have. 

And throughout the program you will be encouraged to thoughtfully and critically examine your own personal stories, biases, and reactions to sexual pain, and how they relate to client’s presenting concerns – all from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.


Watch in-depth expert interviews with allied professionals who support clients struggling with ED/PE/DE. They share their personal experiences and what they feel practitioners need to know to work with this community ethically and effectively.

Dr. Cory Pedersen

Human Sexuality Professor | Founder of O.R.G.A.S.M. Research Lab

Joe Ramirez, MA

Canadian Certified Counsellor | Certified Adlerian Psychotherapist

Dr. Ryan Flannigan

Urologist | Senior Surgeon-Scientist

BONUS TRAINING: Pre-approved for 2 CEC hours with the CCPA


When you register for “Penis Problems: Working with Erectile Dysfunction, Pre-Mature Ejaculation, and Delayed Ejaculation” you also get 6 months free access to our “Sex and Gender 101” mini course ($97 value).


This course is an introduction to sex and gender for mental health and wellness professionals that covers essential and foundational terminology and concepts to help you understand, and begin conversations around, sex and gender with clients. As with most topics related to human bodies and sexuality, in-depth conversations around sex and gender are often missing from most clinical training programs. This means unless therapists have lived experience beyond typical sex and gender “norms”, clients become their teachers.


We want to help change that.

It is essential that helping professionals do their own work when it comes to understanding sex and gender. In a world focused on a gender-binary of male or female, and assumes cis-gender as the default (you only identify with the gender you were assigned at birth), unless intentional effort is made to unpack bias and stigma, harm can easily be caused to clients.

That’s where “Sex and Gender 101” comes in. Enjoy this course as a bonus when you purchase “Penis Problems: Working with Erectile Dysfunction, Pre-Mature Ejaculation, and Delayed Ejaculation” 

Penis Problems: Working with Erectile Dysfunction, Pre-mature Ejaculation, and Delayed Ejaculation Terms and Conditions

More information about the program and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found below. If you have any further questions, you can reach us here or at

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to call myself a "Sex Therapist" if I complete this course?

No. Being a “Sex Therapist” means you have done in-depth clinical training and research in the field of sex therapy, and have received clinical supervision from someone qualified in this area. 

Will I get a certificate at the end?

Yes. Upon successful completion of a quiz (a score of 80% or higher) to show completion and comprehension, you will get a digital certificate of achievement for your records.

How long do I have access to the program?

You will have access to the program and resources for six (6) months from the day you register.

This program is available now.  Please add your name to the notification list below or watch this space for more information about other future offerings. 

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